GIFLE is a research group focusing on new advances in technology related to photogrammetry, computer vision, laser scanning and remote sensing. Our group integrates expert researchers in Geomatics Engineering. Our group operates at the academic, institutional and enterprise levels, with our priority being R+D+i. Most of our research, innovation and transfer of knowledge is based on home-made software development requested by companies and institutes that are willing to use high-end technology. The results and developments of our investigations are disseminated through conferences and scientific journals.

GIFLE holds a vast experience not only in architectural and archaeological documentation of cultural heritage but in information technology (IT) applied to geomatics, with disregard of scale. GIFLE bets on both enterprise collaboration and in-house software development solutions.


Geometric Camera Calibration
Geometric Calibration of Time-of-Flight Laser Scanning Systems
3D Data Acquisition for Geomatic or Heritage Applications
Generation of 3D models and special surveys
Generation of Photorrealistic 3D Models

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